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Hi, thank you for checking out RiHüPhoto. We are a Manchester basedRihuphoto logo company who provide photography for many purposes:

– Weddings/Corporate
– Fashion/Portrait
– Fitness/Underwear

Here at RiHüPhoto we understand that the modelling and photography industries can be very clean cut and somewhat distant, whereas we are all about you and during your shoot we will work with you to make sure that the photographs produced are the best possible for everyone to enjoy.

As we are so focussed on YOU we are committed to making sure that we can use our creative talents to create the best possible images within a more nurturing environment.

Having always had an avid interest in photography we realised that we should share our interest with the world and that hopefully other people would be as passionate about our work as we are.

Please do not hesitate to contact us here. You can also find us on Twitter and Instagram with the tag @rihuphoto.

We can create the images you desire using my creative talents.

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[title type=”” size=”h6″ style=”title-minimal” alignment=”center”]Weddings[/title][separator size=”separator-small” align=”center”]

We offer a choice of packages and tailor made options should you wish to ensure your special day is captured exactly the way you wished for.


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[title type=”” size=”h6″ style=”title-minimal” alignment=”center”]Fashion[/title][separator size=”separator-small” align=”center”]

As we are very much focussed on being ahead of the curve in terms of the latest fashion looks and vibes we aim to offer an unparalleled service for our Fashion clientele.



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[title type=”” size=”h6″ style=”title-minimal” alignment=”center”]Fitness[/title][separator size=”separator-small” align=”center”]

We have trialled and tested the best ways to capture everything from images for new, aspiring personal trainers to fitness professionals and beyond!


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[title type=”” size=”h6″ style=”title-minimal” alignment=”center”]Coaching[/title][separator size=”separator-small” align=”center”]

Do you have a YouTube channel, looking to make it in the Social Media Scene or have a Facebook page thats becoming too much to handle?



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[title type=”” size=”h4″ style=”title-minimal” bigletter=”T” alignment=”center”]Team[/title]

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[column_row][team_member name=”TeamRIHU UK” title=”TeamRIHU UK” img=”http://www.spab-rice.com/wordpress/demo/pond-demo/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/800×600.jpg” fb=”#” tw=”#” width=”one-third” last=””]Meet our UK team here and find out more.[/team_member][team_member name=”TeamRIHU South Africa” title=”TeamRIHU South Africa” img=”http://www.spab-rice.com/wordpress/demo/pond-demo/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/800×600.jpg” fb=”#” tw=”#” width=”one-third” last=””]Check out our South Africa team here and find out more.[/team_member][team_member name=”TeamRIHU USA” title=”TeamRIHU USA” img=”http://www.spab-rice.com/wordpress/demo/pond-demo/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/800×600.jpg” fb=”#” tw=”#” width=”one-third” last=”last-col”]Say hello to our team from USA and find out more.[/team_member][/column_row]

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